Civil Litigation simply refers to lawsuits filed by individuals or businesses which seek to enforce a legal right or remedy.  Often times, the remedy sought is in the form of a money judgment, but it could be an order for other relief, such as the return of personal or real property.  The Walker Trial Lawyers are experienced courtroom attorneys who fully understand civil litigation and trial, and have the skills and resources to get the best possible result in your case.

Walker Trial Lawyers, LLP takes its clients’ cases very seriously, employing all tools available to present every case in its most favorable light.  Our attorneys have represented plaintiffs and defendants in all manner of civil litigation, including commercial litigation and  personal litigation. 

Commercial Litigation is also referred to as business litigation, and includes cases such as:

Breach of Contract

Employment Disputes

Trademark litigation

Unfair Competition

Construction Defect and Disputes

Real Estate Disputes

Product Liability Defense

Walker Trial Lawyers are accomplished attorneys in the field of business litigation.  Our attorneys will guide you through the litigation process, assist you and provide the information necessary to make intelligent, informed decisions about your case.  Walker Trial Lawyers will advise you on the strength of your position, provide strategies and work diligently to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome. 

At Walker Trial Lawyers, we will look under every rock and behind every bush to find all of the facts important to your case.  Our goal is to identify and learn about every detail of your case in preparation for victory at trial. As a result of this preparation, our clients’ cases often result in favorable settlements before trial.  However, if your case doesn’t settle, our trial preparation will give you or your business every advantage at trial or arbitration.

Personal Litigation includes the following types of cases:

Personal Injury

Wrongful Death

Neighbor Disputes

Boundary Line Disputes

Wrongful Termination

Slander or Libel

Insurance Disputes

Walker Trial Lawyers, LLP eagerly and vigorously represents both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation.  A plaintiff is a party that has a claim against another and files a lawsuit to enforce that claim.  A defendant is the person being sued, and may be an individual or corporation or other legal entity.

Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate and prepare your claim or defense.  Once the claim is evaluated, we’ll discuss your options and attempt to resolve it in your favor without litigation or trial. However, at all stages of your case, we will vigorously represent you and present your case to a Judge, Jury or Arbitrator.

Southern California Civil Litigation Attorneys

Civil Litigation

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